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Battery Monitor

BAT6.1 Battery Internal Resistance Tester

Classification: Battery Monitor

Description: BAT6.1 battery detection system consists of three parts: battery detection module, current sensor and system acquisition...




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● Measure the voltage, temperature and internal resistance of each battery; measure the charging and discharging current of battery pack;

● Environmental temperature measurement, each system acquisition module can collect two channels of temperature;

● Battery voltage over and under voltage alarm, over average value alarm, under average value alarm; battery temperature over temperature alarm;

● Alarm for excessive battery internal resistance and over average value;

● The internal resistance measurement strategy of battery can be set to measure the internal resistance once every n minutes, every n hours, every day, every week or every month;

● Historical data: internal resistance change curve of each battery, up to 100 points;

● Historical data: battery charging and discharging current curve, up to 100 points;

● Data analysis: average battery voltage, average temperature and average internal resistance;

● Data analysis: 5 batteries with the highest voltage, 5 with the lowest voltage, 5 with the largest internal resistance, and 5 with the highest temperature; each type contains voltage, internal resistance and temperature data;

● Each system acquisition module can manage up to 120 batteries, and multiple system acquisition modules can be used in parallel;

● Communication with system monitoring or background via RS485, standard MODBUS_ RTU protocol;

● Real time clock function.

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